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1845 E Broadway Rd Ste124
Tempe, AZ, 85282
United States

(480) 377-9096



Home Grown Hydroponics is a locally owned and operated urban garden center in Arizona with three locations across the Valley. We are passionate about customer service, and making sure our customers walk out the door with knowledge - not just merchandise. Our staff has over 50 years total experience in hydroponics and most of them have lived in Arizona most of their lives, making them your Arizona growing experts. We also carry the most hydroponic products in the area and are the exclusive local supplier of Canna Nutrients and Aptus Nutrients. We carry a full line of Sunlight Supply and HydroFarm products amongst many more.


What we offer

  • lighting
  • nutrients
  • organic nutrients
  • organic seeds
  • grow tents
  • cloning supplies
  • CO2
  • media
  • environmental controls
  • water purification
  • meters and solutions
  • pots and containers
  • odor control
  • pest control
  • garden accessories
  • books
  • live ladybugs
  • praying mantis eggs
  • fly predators
  • helpful tips and advice!